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15 Broad Street
New York

917 400 1048

Pett & Associates is a full service interior architecture and design studio based in New York City

Client Testimonials

Sharon was my designer who gave me the beautiful palette architecturally and is now working with me on my interior.  She has an amazing ability to walk into a space and speak to her vision in unison with her client.  I highly recommend her for  both structural and interior design.   Sharon delivers exceptional quality.” LS, Client

“My design journey started when a friend recommend I view pictures on to determine the look, feel and style I wanted to pursue when renovating my NY apartment. Previously I had a very dark palette with old world design. I began my search on Houzz looking at bathrooms and kitchens covering over 16,490 designers that were listed in the NY area. What I found was I continually gravitated to designs by Pett & Associates, LLC. (Clean, modern, elegant, with beautiful lines)
I reached out to Sharon and we met at my apartment and after speaking to her 5 minutes I KNEW this was my MUST have Designer. I am a busy type A business profession who doesn’t have time to over manage my personal life. Sharon was calm, thoughtful….. not arrogant and the more she spoke with certainty on her vision the more trust I gained as well as a deep appreciation for her obviously incredibly talent in her profession. She shared how she would guide me on different contractors to consider, accompany me on trips to choose finishes and in my case also guide me on soft design. The whole process she noted would take about a year. I immediately hired Sharon and it became one of the BEST decisions and investment.
As the project began Sharon was true to her word introducing me the some of the finest contractors to whom were incredibly honest (not nickel and dimers) as well as tile, floor, cabinets plumbing, stone, drape vendors EVERYTHING. Likewise, Sharon was very in tune to what I wanted to spend on my project and NEVER EVER tried to up sell me nor recommend any vendors that would. Likewise, she project managed my renovation to precision so much so that there were many weeks I did not even come on site given I trusted her expertise and knew things would move smoothly which they did.
Sharon Pett is a brilliant talented design professional with the highest integrity one could hope for. When you choose Sharon you not only get one of the finest designers in the city but the added bonus of the best contractors and vendors that work with the same level of integrity. I look at my apartment now and know I could NEVER EVER have achieved this beautiful result myself. When people walk into my apartment there are 3 things I usually hear, WOW, OH MY GOD, or BEYOND Elegant. I am deeply grateful and appreciative of my choice of Designers. If you want a beautiful design delivered by the highest integrity individual I highly encourage you to trust Sharon to and allow her to create a palette beautiful beyond your expectations My deepest gratitude to Sharon and her team, this was the best decision I could ever have made!!!!!!
Thank you Sharon and team!!!” LS, Client

“I want you to know that on a daily basis I "kick myself" for not hiring you to help me with our apt. reno.  Never did I anticipate all the snafus we experienced along the way; nor did I ever think it would take 3 contractors....and complete the work.  We are almost done, but the whole project was a disaster in the making. You would have been worth every nickel” AH